Certify your Zero Waste competencies
Certify your Zero Waste competencies
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  • Certify your zero waste competencies

    Showcase that you truly know what you are talking about

  • Get more opportunities to use your skills 

    From becoming a MiZA mentor to conducting ZWE training courses, your options to work on zero waste will multiply with the certification

Certification - What, why, how?

Who can get certified?

Currently we certify zero waste ambassadors and trainers. There are several competencies required from them in order to get certified.

Why be a certified Trainer?

The world is full of training of varying qualities. As a certified Zero Waste Trainer, you stand out from the crowd with your teaching skills. ZWE and MiZA prefer certified trainers to carry out training activities on their behalf.

Why be a certified Ambassador?

Becoming a certified Zero Waste Ambassador comes with added credibility for your skills. It proves your skills as an effective advocate who is equipped with holistic technical skills.  It opens several new doors for your, the MiZA mentor's training as one.

Options to obtain the competencies

The easiest way to build the competences needed for the certification is to participate in a specific training for zero waste ambassadors or trainers. We organize training opportunities at least yearly together with our training partners.

However, if you think you already have the competences, you can request the verification without a training.

The process of obtaining the certificate

If you have the competencies, getting the certificate is easy. We walk you through the steps.

The next opportunity to get certified is during the last two weeks of September 2024. Book your assessment by the 18th of August to secure your spot for that round!

Who conducts the verification?

Let's Do It Foundation is a member of Zero Waste Europe and is the main advocate for zero waste systems in Estonia. They organise Zero Waste Ambassador and Trainer trainings both nationally and internationally. The organisation was also leading the process of the creation of both curricula and the Zero Waste Training Handbook.

Ecologists without borders stand for a world without waste, which we try to achieve by raising awareness, activation and, above all, connecting individuals, decision-makers and organizations. Our mission is to discover new topics and provide data to influence changes in policies and habits. We are opinion leaders in the field of waste, focusing our efforts primarily on preventing the generation of waste.

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